Alexander Freeman

Alexander Freeman is an award-winning filmmaker with cerebral palsy and a graduate of Emerson College. With a background in short narratives and feature documentary filmmaking, Alexander specializes in minority focused human interest films about disability and other outsiders. Freeman is also the Founder, CEO, President and Owner of OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS, which is devoted to producing and distributing thought-provoking films on disability, sexuality, identity, race, abuse, poverty and women's rights for the web and on DVD. Alexander is always open to discuss any commissions or collaborations you may have.





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Runtime: 59 minutes

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary, Biography, Thriller

Written, Produced and Directed by: Alexander Freeman

Directors of Photography: Brandon Golden, Jeffrey G. Rosenberg

Edited by: Ryan Egan, Alexander Freeman

Music by: Miro Kepinski

Cast: Nancy Ross, Douglas Ross, Lorenzo Guerra, Julie Crossman-Lovely

The Wounds We Cannot See, tells the gripping story of former US Navy Airman Nancy Ross of Hingham, Massachusetts. Ross was violently raped during her service in 1988 and has since struggled with addiction, mental illness and depression. She continues to battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a direct result of her attack and subsequent abusive relationships. While Nancy has undergone extensive therapy since her honorable discharge from the Navy, she still suffers from addiction and mental illness, living in constant fear of the future.



"Freeman captures an incredible story that provides sensitive insight into the wounds of our hearts and minds."

- Kevin S. Bright, Executive Producer of Friends.


Media Attention:

JewishBoston, October 26, 2017: https://www.jewishboston.com/wounds-we-cannot-see-a-new-film-about-what-ails-us-and-heals-us/

Emerson College, June 28, 2017: http://www.emerson.edu/news-events/emerson-college-today/filmmaker-freeman-we-need-open-door-people-disabilities#.WfJmc4ZrxUq





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Runtime: 50 minutes

Year: 2013

Genre: Documentary, Romance

Written and Directed by: Alexander Freeman

Producers: Anne Scotina, Andrew Christenson, Alexander Freeman Gabriella Iarrobino

Directors of Photography: Andrew Christenson, Daniel Olivares, Dilila McDonagh

Edited by: Ryan Egan

Music by: Miro Kepinski, Dan Barrenechea, Caleb Williams

Cast: Mazique Bianco, Gary Karp, Alexander Freeman, Lauren Beller, Erin Pfeiffer, Clark Matthews, Morgan Jennifer, Candace Brown, Anthony Dicostanzo

The Last Taboo tells the gripping and heart-warming story of six people with various physical disabilities and an able-bodied partner who was in a relationship with one of them. These individuals share their perspectives on intimacy, relationships and what their experiences have taught them about themselves. The Last Taboo asks us to step outside of our comfort zones in order to reconsider our misconceptions regarding disability, identity, gender, attraction, beauty and sexuality.



“I was totally blown away! An absolutely outstanding achievement!” – Robbie Leppzer, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Turning Tide Productions.

“The movie makes so delightfully clear, while there is nothing more “normal” (and therefore potentially boring!) than love and sex, everyone’s experience is so tremendously specific that, if you look at them with clear eyes, the stories can be endlessly rich.” – Andrew Bujalski, 2013 Sundance Film Festival Winner.

“This is an amazing documentary film that shares the truth about sexuality and disability.” - Rafe Eric Biggs, Ph.D, Psychologist, Writer, Filmmaker, Social Activist and Founder of Sexability.

"You really have changed my outlook on disability and this film has taught me even more. I'm really appreciative of this documentary because as an able-bodied person I have been curious for a long time about how people with disabilities have sex or experience sexuality, but it's something that is very taboo to talk about and it seems rude and even absurd to ask a person with disability these sorts of questions." - Camille Gerard.


Media Attention:

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theberkshireeagle.com, February 16, 2013: Love, intimacy in disabled community at forefront amid recognition of acclaimed movies

west.com, January, 21, 2013: Brothels for people with disabilities, yes or not?

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abcnews.com, January 10, 2013: UK Ex-Madam Plans Brothel for People With Disabilities

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wbur.org, July 17, 2012: Interview: ‘The Last Taboo’ Director Freeman

wbur.org, July 17, 2012: Sex And Disability: Boston Filmmaker Turns Lens On ‘The Last Taboo’ 


Universities and Organizations using the Film:


The University of California, Santa Cruz

The University of Chicago

The University of Washington

Widener University

Hawkeye Community College

Emerson College

Norwegian Health Department’s Medical Physicians Sexual Education Program

Academy for Adolescent Health, Inc.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health

United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington