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Alexander Freeman is an award-winning filmmaker and public speaker with cerebral palsy and a graduate of Emerson College. With a background in short narratives and feature documentary filmmaking, Alexander specializes in minority focused human interest films about disability and other outsiders. Freeman is also the Founder, CEO, President and Owner of OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS, which is devoted to producing and distributing thought-provoking films on disability, sexuality, identity, race, abuse, poverty and women's rights for the web and on DVD. Alexander is always open to discuss any commissions or collaborations you may have.





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Runtime: 59 minutes

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary, Biography, Thriller

Written, Produced and Directed by: Alexander Freeman

Directors of Photography: Brandon Golden, Jeffrey G. Rosenberg

Edited by: Ryan Egan, Alexander Freeman

Music by: Miro Kepinski

Cast: Nancy Ross, Douglas Ross, Lorenzo Guerra, Julie Crossman-Lovely

The Wounds We Cannot See, tells the gripping story of former US Navy Airman Nancy Ross of Hingham, Massachusetts. Ross was violently raped during her service in 1988 and has since struggled with addiction, mental illness and depression. She continues to battle Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a direct result of her attack and subsequent abusive relationships. While Nancy has undergone extensive therapy since her honorable discharge from the Navy, she still suffers from addiction and mental illness, living in constant fear of the future.


Professional Reviews:

"Thank you for bringing attention to the issue of mental health/illness through this documentary. Those of us who are abused by people whose role is to love and nurture us do feel that we are cast out, and this is so until we recognize that we are not responsible for the actions of others, and so are not at fault for having been abused. Your film showed the impact of abuse on Nancy in an emotionally powerful way. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. I will recommend your film to my friends and family."

- Rebecca Andrews Linkletter, MD


"Freeman captures an incredible story that provides sensitive insight into the wounds of our hearts and minds."

- Kevin S. Bright, Executive Producer of Friends.

Amazon Reviews:

"This is difficult documentary to watch, but well worth it. It's an intensely personal look at one woman's struggle to cope with traumatic experiences. The subject matter is as gripping as it is upsetting. A fantastic documentary."

"A life wracked by rape, homelessness, addiction, PTSD, depression. So naturally it can be difficult to watch. The impulse is to avert your eyes. Go watch a sitcom. But her life is too important to miss. This film humanizes a person our culture would find it too easy to ignore. It makes you wonder, "What would my life be like if I had endured all she's been through? How would I hold up?" The delicate balancing of showing you so much pain but making you want to stay with her story... to feel what she feels... is a neat cinematic balancing act. I felt in her shoes. Kudos to her for bravery. And to the filmmaker for a real well done documentary. It's absolutely a film worth seeing."

"Gripping and honest documentary about the aftermath of a brutal crime. This doc opens your eyes to the wounds and effects that can be everlasting to the victims. Brutally honest and hard to watch at times. If this doesn't open one's eyes to the horror of this crime nothing will. A must watch for all."

"Excellent and inspiring documentary - simple and very well-done. A remarkable story of overcoming adversity. I am in awe of this woman's strength in the face real struggles and mistreatment. I cannot recommend watching this enough."

"Very well done documentary on a heartbreaking story. Worth watching and hopefully people learn that you never truly know the strength that lies behind someone until you know their story. Pleased that Nancy is doing well and she is using her story to help others. Worth watching."

"Incredibly compelling testimony from an unusually eloquent abuse victim whose life spirals out of control until she ultimately finds help, and hope. She experiences almost unimaginable cruelty and nightmarish twists of fate it is a tribute to her inner strength and some innate belief in herself that she emerges as a survivor. There are only three other speakers sprinkled throughout, but we never tire of Nancy Ross' first-hand account. Nothing holds the interest quite like authenticity and her every word and gesture ring true. This film speaks to not only those of us have had to overcome personal tragedies but will make us think twice about judging or dismissing someone who behaves erratically in our midst. Sometimes, as Nancy herself says emotionally, all they need is "that human touch. It felt so good to have somebody touch me. And that I was worthy of a touch.""

"I cried my eyes out watching this documentary. I myself, have been medically diagnosed with PTSD and am stilling battling with addiction. For anyone who wants a glimpse of what our struggles are or anyone who knows someone that struggles from either affliction, I’m hoping you watch this. Thank you Nancy Ross for telling your story publicly, when so many of us can’t."

"Wow this is a deep documentary following the difficult life of Nancy Ross. Lots of empathy for her for sure and all that shes been through. Enlightening about PTSD and how that can spark addiction issues. Perhaps too disturbing for some who have experienced PTSD or gripping addiction or perhaps helpful to know they aren't the only ones"

"Very well made documentary I could not stop watching very intense. This lady has been through hell and back yet she has the courage to keep forward."

"This is worth giving a chance, and stick with it. Powerful, heartfelt and ultimately quite entertaining. It's easy to get drawn and in a before you know it, it's over. Nicely done."

"THE WOUNDS WE CANNOT SEE is a very powerul and gripping documentary! This film really moved me to my core. It was seriously powerful and so honest. This poor woman and her struggle is just brutal and the portrayal here is unappologetic. But I feel like it was all done to illuminate the issues here and not just entertain. Other reviewers mentioned PTSD and I totally get that. If you want to see something that really makes you think, you should see THE WOUNDS WE CANNOT SEE."

"Heart-wrenching account. At some points it was difficult to watch--I wanted to shake my fist at the negative influences in her life and shout: give her a break! A person can only take so much. God bless those who reach out to help these struggling souls."

"This is a powerful documentary and Nancy has had to deal with a lot in her life. Tastefully done and very easy to follow."

"I am blown away by this woman and agree that she is a miracle. I relate to this film though I do not quite understand yet how - I have experienced trauma but not ongoing through PTSD, though I have not resolved it yet. I think it is a great film for someone to watch who has to battle (or battled) with trauma and for anyone who wants to develop awareness on the issue. The soundtrack is incredible, filming well done, yet the story is unbelievably piercing in a way that I felt as if God was speaking to me through this film bringing about a sense of healing. This is personal of course, and do not watch unless prepared, but it could be a seed that leads to something more in your life. I hope it does for you what it did for me."

"A psychoanalytic and social film at the same time, hard and without hypocrisy, on dramatic experience of a women. True life is often more incredible than any imagination!"

"Many will think this documentary is over the top and possibly scripted. I saw this documentary as one woman's assessment of a very sad, dark and rocky life. She continues to try and sort through major issues and make sense of them. Those of us who have never experienced the complexities of addiction, PTSD, mental illness, and not coming to terms with being adopted can never know what Nancy has and continues to endure. For most, we just tell ourselves to snap out of our funk. It's not that simple when years of confusion, anger, and lingering questions continue to plague an individual. Nancy keeps getting up to bat and that shows her dedication to try and understand and cope with the constant changes in her mind.
Bravo for you Nancy!

"Yes it is very hard to watch this woman's tortured soul retelling her story and if you have PTSD - it can even trigger your emotions and memories of abuse..It needed to be filmed- for those who do not know that they have PTSD or similar forms of PTSD. It is not a film for everyone- and the reason it seems like a therapy session is BECAUSE when she retells her story- she RELIVES the traumatic events of her life all over again. The primal mind kicks in and that is why she seems tormented all over again. This film may even be part of her therapy- so if you don't get what PTSD is about- dont even bother to watch because you just wont get it, and that's okay- there are others who will and will get help or help others to seek help by recognizing the symptoms and real life behavior. This film is not for entertainment purpose- it is a film of a wounded soul!"

"Very moving film. Highly recommended look into a woman struggling with many issues."

"Damaged from the very beginning this woman is a walking miracle. Her testimony of pain can reach so many people, and give them validation. Validation for her was everything in her healing process."

"Wow! What a powerfully documented story. The struggles that Nancy goes through reflect many out there who have either been in this situation or know someone who has ( I know I have.) Yes, at some points it's very sad and difficult to watch but the "real" beauty of this documentary is in the will to survive. Life teaches from the beginning that if you stumble and fall; the same way you fell, is the same way you get back up. Especially with the true love and support from loved ones. I really enjoyed watching this film. It shows a reality that many choose to ignore when it's right there in your face. I hope this film gets the attention it deserves. Strong Film. Recommended."

"Loved it. So raw and real."

"Wow!, talk about a black cloud following you. You have to be so careful, especially if your sensitive and trusting. Predators and abusers look for those qualities in others to exploit when you are at your weakest points in life. I've been lucky to be able to see through most people, but of course I've been burned too, this woman just kept jumping from the frying pan into the fire over and over. I never took life seriously from an early age and combined with a carefree, confident, and self aware intellect and attitude it's seen as a direct threat to those who don't have it. It's a well done doc with thought provoking issues, I hope she finds peace of mind and learns that if you can't respect and love or like yourself you will never find it in other people, and do not take life so seriously."

"A touching and deeply moving documentary. I highly recommen it."

"A Gripping Documentary about a damaged woman. Nancy is a compelling character and this film allows her to tell her story, reveal her pains and sorrows, understand the depth of her sense of abandonment and ask if things could have gone another way for her. Now, she is a deeply troubled middle aged woman, but apparently, she was deeply troubled as a child and her life experiences only added to her feelings about never fitting in. I found myself empathizing at some points but also questioning how attached she seemed to be to her pain and wondering when and how the vicious cycle began. I felt for this woman. I was also aware of how much our institutions very often fail the individuals who need the help the most.This film asked these questions without every actually asking them through voice over narration. I appreciated that, a lot!"

"Excellent movie. Very informative regarding PTSD."

"This was a very insightful documentary about an important subject. It's challenging and will hit you hard. A wonderful movie."

"Extremely difficult to watch but wonderfully done. The ending is perfect and Nancy deserves some peace and happiness."

"This was a sincere look at one woman's struggles. Life can be hard and this documentary does a nice job being extremely "real."


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Runtime: 50 minutes

Year: 2013

Genre: Documentary, Romance

Written and Directed by: Alexander Freeman

Producers: Anne Scotina, Andrew Christenson, Alexander Freeman Gabriella Iarrobino

Directors of Photography: Andrew Christenson, Daniel Olivares, Dilila McDonagh

Edited by: Ryan Egan

Music by: Miro Kepinski, Dan Barrenechea, Caleb Williams

Cast: Mazique Bianco, Gary Karp, Alexander Freeman, Lauren Beller, Erin Pfeiffer, Clark Matthews, Morgan Jennifer, Candace Brown, Anthony Dicostanzo

The Last Taboo tells the gripping and heart-warming story of six people with various physical disabilities and an able-bodied partner who was in a relationship with one of them. These individuals share their perspectives on intimacy, relationships and what their experiences have taught them about themselves. The Last Taboo asks us to step outside of our comfort zones in order to reconsider our misconceptions regarding disability, identity, gender, attraction, beauty and sexuality.


Professional Reviews:

“I was totally blown away! An absolutely outstanding achievement!” – Robbie Leppzer, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Turning Tide Productions.

“The movie makes so delightfully clear, while there is nothing more “normal” (and therefore potentially boring!) than love and sex, everyone’s experience is so tremendously specific that, if you look at them with clear eyes, the stories can be endlessly rich.” – Andrew Bujalski, 2013 Sundance Film Festival Winner.

“This is an amazing documentary film that shares the truth about sexuality and disability.” - Rafe Eric Biggs, Ph.D, Psychologist, Writer, Filmmaker, Social Activist and Founder of Sexability.

"You really have changed my outlook on disability and this film has taught me even more. I'm really appreciative of this documentary because as an able-bodied person I have been curious for a long time about how people with disabilities have sex or experience sexuality, but it's something that is very taboo to talk about and it seems rude and even absurd to ask a person with disability these sorts of questions." - Camille Gerard.


Media Attention:

mic.com, June 12, 2015: This "Sex Party" Is a Positive Game-changer for People With Disabilities

theberkshireeagle.com, February 16, 2013: Love, intimacy in disabled community at forefront amid recognition of acclaimed movies

west.com, January, 21, 2013: Brothels for people with disabilities, yes or not?

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abcnews.com, January 10, 2013: UK Ex-Madam Plans Brothel for People With Disabilities

mysexprofessor.com, August 14, 2012: “The Last Taboo”: Dealing with Disability and Sexuality

wbur.org, July 17, 2012: Interview: ‘The Last Taboo’ Director Freeman

wbur.org, July 17, 2012: Sex And Disability: Boston Filmmaker Turns Lens On ‘The Last Taboo’ 


Universities and Organizations using the Film:


The University of California, Santa Cruz

The University of Chicago

The University of Washington

Widener University

Hawkeye Community College

Emerson College

Norwegian Health Department’s Medical Physicians Sexual Education Program

Academy for Adolescent Health, Inc.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health

United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington